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Thu, 21 Mar


zoom event

How to Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset!

How To Cultivate An Entrepreneurial Mindset & Grow Your Business Discover how to overcome self-doubt, overthinking & procrastination, so you can achieve your business goals faster and succeed with ease

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How to Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset!
How to Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset!

Time & Location

21 Mar 2024, 12:00 – 13:30

zoom event


About the event

You’ll discover:

  • The single biggest way to increase your revenue and scale your business
  • The number one reason why you’re goals keep escaping you (and exactly what to do about it)
  • How to firmly believe your goals are possible and become driven by a compelling vision for the future, instead of limitations from the past
  • How to reach your next level of success (without working harder)
  • Why personal development could be decreasing your income
  • What to do when nothing you do or achieve, ever feels enough
  • Create instant confidence that you can “switch on” in any high pressure situation
  • How to strive for massive goals while feeling happy and fulfilled.

Because... You don't have forever to achieve the life and success you want, so now is the perfect time to become the most powerful version of yourself & thrive.

The thing is people unknowingly waste 100’s of hours a year on overthinking or worrying or procrastinating & get into thought spirals that slow them down.

Having learned the science behind stopping this, Leanne & hundreds of her Coachee’s don’t. They’re efficient, they understand how to break out of self-critical thoughts, energy draining feelings & any stressful situation, so they achieve the right things, faster & with ease.

Leanne understands what works & will be sharing the exact process inside of this workshop.

(If you’re looking for another feel-good webinar with empty information about positive thinking… this, isn’t it.)

The insights shared have been collated based on hundreds of hours of research, practical application, & analysis.

You should attend this free, science backed masterclass, if you’re like other successful people & share that one powerful characteristic: drive - a desire for personal growth, development & progress. Seeking out the most effective resources to help you attain & maintain your goals & aspirations.

In this masterclass, High Performance Business Coach, Leanne Bridges will share...

  • Why overthinking, procrastination & worrying are self-defeating human habits, and the science-based method to break out of these thoughts spirals & make faster progress than ever before
  • Why… even though you know what to do, there are occasions where you just don’t do it (and what to do about it)
  • Why you think things, that you know aren’t true like “I don’t know enough” or “I’m not good enough” or “why would they listen to me” and how to stop
  • How her client increased their revenue by 50%, by simply taking this one action, to overcome feeling nervous in high pressure situations
  • How you’re limiting your success – without even realising it and how it’s not your fault (this one surprises so many people)

Once you crack this you can achieve anything.

Here's what others have to say in their own words...

“I felt I could achieve more in my business, but I was avoiding sales and business development. Using Leanne's methods, I had the confidence to go out and make sales. No longer feeling fear, self-doubt or not good enough. In just 10 weeks, I've increased my income by 50%. Life is unrecognisable. I only wish I had discovered Leanne 20 years ago!”

"I knew I could achieve more in my business, but I was holding back and playing it safe and procrastinating on decisions. Using Leanne's techniques, I’ve stopped holding back. I'm more intentional with my time & proactively seek opportunities. I've closed more sales in the last 3 days than in the whole of the previous month. It's a game changer!"

Here's my personal story...

Hi! I'm Leanne, High-Performance Business & Leadership Coach

I began coaching full time after an incredible personal transformation. It was life changing and I felt deeply called to help other people experience it for themselves.

Before my transformation, I had an Executive Job, a happy family and a lovely home.

From the outside, I looked like I had it all together. Yet inside, I didn’t feel good enough.

I spent too much time thinking things like:

"Did I say the wrong thing?"

"Make the right decision?"

"Can I really do this?"

And then I'd get totally frustrated at myself for overthinking everything and not being able to enjoy what I had!

Everyone around me seemed to have it all together.

So, I thought, it must be me. Why can't I stop thinking like this?

Since my transformation, I have complete control of my life and a successful business I love, that feels incredibly aligned & gives me the freedom I want.

My mission is to help driven business owners and leaders like you break free from your accidentally self-imposed mental barriers & create the success you desire.

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