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We at Academic research club, passion for knowledge think that everyone represents added value. Since our beginnings, we have believed and believe we can make a difference. As a research organization in every sector we are inspired by the concepts of support, progress and awareness. Today's challenges require brilliant minds who know how to look at the world from another perspective and who don't shy away from risks. Academic research club, passion for knowledge arises from the desire to inspire and support the community, but above all from the need to act, help and persevere.


In certain life situations, falling into apathy is easy. Our organization was born from the need to give importance to the various problems of our society and find a strategy to deal with them. We have decided to help those who are most in need. Academic research club, passion for knowledge is here to help, and we believe change is possible if you put the effort into it. 


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To create a platform for students worldwide to connect, publish their research, and engage in academic discussions, ultimately enhancing their university applications and fostering a collaborative research community.

President, Academic Research Club
- Successfully led multiple school groups, including biology, debate, and math clubs.
- Passionate about helping students discover their interests and pursue their passions.
- Overcame challenges in teamwork and developed effective leadership skills.
- Identified the need for a platform that provides research opportunities and resources for enthusiastic students.

- Research Enthusiast: Demonstrated a deep passion for research and a desire to contribute to the academic community.
- Collaborative Approach: Committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for students and researchers worldwide.
- Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, evident through experience as a school journalist since the age of 14.
- Leadership: Led various groups, displaying determination, organization, and the ability to motivate others.

- Relevant coursework in biology, literature, history, chemistry, and AP preparation.

- Established partnerships with professors, universities, and organizations to enrich the Academic Research Club's offerings.
- Created sections on the website for leadership presentations, research, fundraising for research organizations, and meetings with experts.
- Organized weekly events and discussions on specific research topics to stimulate intellectual growth and engagement.
- Curated and shared information on summer programs, competitions, useful books, and preparation materials.

 cost-effective solutions, allocating $70 out of $100 budget for website development and promotion.



The Academic Research Club aims to provide students with a platform to publish their research, engage in meaningful discussions, and establish connections with experts in various fields. By opening our minds to new possibilities and embracing collaboration, we strive to make a lasting impact on the academic community and gain recognition from prestigious universities worldwide. Join us in our mission to become world-changers and shape the future of research.



Would you like to know our aims and goals?


The Academic research club is looking forward to meeting you and getting in contact!


Find out more about available staff positions here.

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Who Are We,
the Club Leaders?


I love reseraching and studying is my passion. I am 18 years old and my dream is to become a resercher in the medical field. My real passion is made up of scientific subjects, but humanistic subjects are also an important point to broaden everyone's culture.  Knowing philosophy, for example, opens the mind towards that horizon to which I always tend to find myself. Recently, I was asking myself what I would do in my future, and, from my desk, I was looking for a way to ensure that my intellectual abilities could help the world. And it is with this idea and passion that I thought of a plausible future in the medical research sector, particularly oncology. Fortunately, I have never had any family members affected by these pathologies, but I have heard that biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, and mathematics are all subjects yet to be explored and discovered. That's why I like them a lot, especially the genetics. I recognize in genes, codons, DNA splicing, RNA and other continuous research reasons that need to be understood and analyzed. 

Looking at the sky from my desk, I understood that my study had to serve the world, to help it in its difficulties. From there I started to deepen the studies of genetics, cancer, anatomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry…all research subjects. I had always liked them, but in those afternoons, I understood how much I loved them and how much there is still to discover.


Hello, I am Emil Koch, a neuroscience researcher, neurodiversity advocate, author, environmental activist, and editor. 

I have a diverse range of interests and skills and aim to leverage them in my quest to better the world, be it through volunteer tutoring, climate education & action, or engaging in political activism for neurodiversity. From personal experience in my neurodivergent nature, neuroscience research is exhilarating, especially targeted at neurodivergent diseases and potential early diagnosis and treatment options. 

Today, humankind faces a multitude of challenges, from warfare and climate crisis to persistent social barriers for minority groups. Are we humans short-sighted, irrational acting agents? Perhaps. In my view, passion and rationalism can go hand in hand. 

I believe in the power of science and technology to disentangle our complex world and the importance of dialogue, storytelling, and strength-based education in fostering a more inclusive and diverse society. We are all humans, so let us build a world where everyone can feel safe, reach their potential, and thrive in dignity. 

I seek to contribute to groundbreaking research and work towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

All shared views are totally my own.


Quark (nickname), Outreach


I am Quark, a secondary school student based in the UK. My interests span from Maths, Physics and Astronomy, to Philosophy and Literature. As a quick learner and keen thinker, my ability empowers me to absorb new information and generate distinct insights. Being part of ARC would unquestionably be a great opportunity for me to develop my research and leadership skills. It is my dream, and this club's goal, to create an inspiring and informative platform for all learners, by improving access to knowledge and experience in the academic expertise. I look forward to working with every interested student so that our community can become "intelligent in tandem"!


Hi, my name is Winnie and I'm an undergrad student majoring in biology. I love my dog and eating yummy food. I am excited to be part of the team and do research! 



My name is Salamat Ibrahim and I am a current high school freshman. My interest include biology, engineering, environmental science and medicine. I am aspiring to become a Biomedical Engineer. I am glad to be apart of the Academic Research Club which can help me take on leadership roles and develop my research skills to achieve my goals!



I'm Anushka, a high-schooler based off the coastal city of Chennai, in India. I'm passionate about writing, and I'm working as a STEM researcher and content writer for various magazine clubs! I do most of my research in the fields of Psychology, Astronomy, Physics, Philosophy, Biology and Architecture! 

Tutoring Sessions:- I would like to tutor students on creative writing. I can tutor them on story writing as well as poetry and on publishing their blogs! I would like my sessions to be for an hour each, and I would mainly focus on English. 



Hello, my name is Leen McKenzie I’m a sophomore Saudi student, I’m a 16 year-old professional pianist, artist, and a horse rider.
I’m currently trying to pursue a major in astrophysics, I love physics and math, I have a deep love for space, and I aspire to be an astronaut!

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I really love astronomy and I hope to pursue a career in it
im 17 years old and in 11th grade right now
I love research and more than that, STEM research
I'm naturally a curious person and I love to learn new things
I also like to read to pass time



As a high school student in the United States of America, I am Niya Patel, driven by a profound passion for learning and a heartfelt desire to assist others. I firmly believe in the power of collective growth, recognizing that true progress stems from our ability to uplift and support one another. My enthusiasm for making a positive impact extends beyond traditional boundaries, as I am deeply engaged in reaching out to others through the internet, aiming to effect meaningful change within my community. My aspirations lie in the medical field, with a specific ambition to become a plastic surgeon, where I can utilize my skills to help individuals facing challenges such as burns or congenital conditions. I am committed to dedicating myself to this noble profession, driven by the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and confident life.



Hello there!
I’m Lamis Alzahrani, a Saudi sophomore who is an aspiring quantum researcher, activist and astrophysicist. My aim in life is to leave a positive impact in this world, to establish myself as a revolutionary woman in STEM by transforming my passion into something more substantial. 
I found that I can do this through WorldWise, an international student-led initiative that seeks to raise global awareness on a wide range of issues. We help students gain insight into various social problems, enabling me to have an impact in the development of a more conscious society. I am happy to be working with ARC, and I look forward to contributing and taking part in such a vibrant and intellectual community.

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Hi! I'm Erick, I’m a high school senior in Mexico, but I feel I have the potential of doing a lot of different things. I’m a polyglot, a song writer, a sport player, a dancer, an entrepreneur and founder of various projects, just to mention some: Special Snackese, an education startup that offers language learning immersed into cultures. SP, a fashion startup that offers personalized clothing for daily wear. Best After, an app that tackles food waste and provide sustainability around the world. Nice to meet you!


I'm Biva Devi, a 17-year-old high school junior from Bangladesh, I am a curious and passionate individual with diverse interests. I have a deep love for computer science, psychology, environmental science, and music, and always eager to explore new opportunities in these fields.

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Hi! My name is Mariana, I am a 15 years old Brazilian which has great interest in science, mathematics, innovation and research! My main purpose is to share my knowledge with my community, so that people can have contact with great education, and so can explore and improve their skills in the areas of their interest. I strongly believe that, together, we can promote the difference in the world through motivation, effort and above all, through passion for the cause that we support!

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My name is Susana García and I come from Colombia, and I am currently in the 10th grade.

My dream is to study architecture and use my skills to help people in meaningful ways. I believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home, and I want to contribute to making that a reality. By designing and constructing houses, I can directly impact the lives of individuals and families, providing them with a sanctuary where they can thrive and create lasting memories.

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Bereera milza, publisher and interview runner

Hi! I'm Bareera Mirza, a Grade 9 student currently doing Pre-Ib in Ontario, Canada. I love to read books, write poetry and short stories and I am passionate about math and astrophysics. I grew up in Pakistan but moved to Canada in 2022 and have lived there since. Nice to meet you all!!I will join especially as a writer and publisher, but I would liek to discover the world of research expanding my horizons.

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mARIA EDUARDA SANTOS, publisher and interview runner

 I’m a 19-year-old Brazilian who is extremely passionate about neuroscience (especially neurodegenerative diseases) and AI technologies. I started in the research field in 2023 and now I’m working on some projects in the neuroscience/CS field. I'm very excited to contribute to the project and I am looking forward to connecting with others. 

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I’m Anoushka Kukreja, a 10th grade student from India. I’m interested in writing and journalism, especially journalism that is solution oriented. I enjoy playing the piano, and delving into martial arts. My interests include philosophy, literature and economics. I want to bring out positive change in the world, and work with like minded change makers to improve our society.


disha gaur, publisher and social media controller-finance

I'm a student at Chitkara International School in Chandigarh, India. Just moved up to 12th grade, I'm delving into commerce subjects like business studies, economics, and accountancy, and I'm excited to explore maths and computer science too. Outside of school, I love immersing myself in different languages, cultures, music, and books—it's how I connect with the world around me and keep learning new things.



Hey there , It’s Utku here I'm a high school junior from Turkey. I'm interested in a variety of subjects including leadership,project management,public speaking,coding,swimming,biology,neuroscience,psychology,philosophy but most importantly helping others.  I'm using my passion to advocate for important social problems and raise awareness about issues that affect our society whether it’s promoting education,advocating for environmental conservation, or addressing social justice or Mental health. This year me and my fellow friend started an initiative program to help raise awareness on a multitude of occasions. We’re utilizing taking action and speaking out. I'm hoping to inspire others for positive change and mobilize them to get involved.


Hi, my name is Isabella and I am currently a high school student. I am passionate about pursuing a career in medicine as well as helping the broader community.  I am excited to help out with the website, as this is something that is enjoyable for me. I look forward to working with the ARC team to create a community where students can thrive.

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Hello! My name is Mariana, i’m a 16 years old girl from Brazil with the dream of impacting my community through education. My main interests are related to politics, but also mathematics, sciences in general and sport.
I am part of a MUN club, that gave me the opportunity to travel around Brazil and receive some awards on Model United Nations.
Also, during high school, i’ve explored different opportunities, such as scientific olympiads and Track and Field. In the first, I was awarded with more than 10 national medals. And, in the second, I became a state medalist and municipal record holder in high jump and 400 meters running.
Thus, i’m part of Interact, an international organization of volunteering job, where i’ve been elected as president 
Lastly, I recently became the only Brazilian awarded at Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition, the main topic I will explore inside ARC!

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I am Maria Fernanda Garcia, I am 16 years old, I am an interviewer and publisher of ARC. I want to study international relations and international law, to know and understand different aspects and realities that exist in the world. I love studying and learning, I am homeschooler and I want to achieve something big and leave a mark that can not be erased in the world, and show that people with this method of education we can achieve great things.



 Hello! I’m Elaine from Indonesia. A bit to know about me is that I love math and science, especially physics. Hence, I aim to be an electrical engineer one day. I love learning about computer programming and robotics and love the process of creating new things. I aim to learn and collaborate with other people so that we may together create something incredible. Finally, other hobbies I have include music and swimming.


Ahmad Zuhdan, Anwar, publisher and geography director

"Like Meteorology & Climatology that's interesting, I'll make the world way more unique. Hi, my name's Ahmad Zuhdan Anwar. You can call me Zuhdan or Zee✨‼ and I'm from Indonesia.

I love geography, and my goal is try to make a system that maps the entire world as fast and efficient as possible, because land-use and land-coverage has always been changing to the point some national geospatial services are having problem to map an area. Having a map can be useful for a lot of things, disaster risk reduction, agricultural, urban planning, and much more!"

Tasfia Tabassum, PUBLISHER

I am a Bengali and Bangladeshi. I have got selected into a government medical college this year. I am quite a bookworm. Besides painting, debating,organising events and  thinking about hypothetical situations are my extra curriculars. The value I value the most is EMAPTHY.

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ADDY, publisher and interview runner

I am creative multi-talented individual with a passion for many things. My hobbies include volleyball, learning Japanese, drawing and reading. I'm Indian and currently doing my best to follow my dreams.

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Syeda Aisha Siddiqa, marketing manager

I'm a very passionate and enthusiastic person who generally loves to socialise and help out people. I love to provide assistance to people in my areas of expertise and I also enjoy learning new things and making new experiences. I'm very talented at art, writing, creating and have a knack for reading, business activity and going out often! It'll be wonderful to work with all of you!

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This is Amina Fares, i am a 16 years old 11th grader Moroccan student , and i am interested in being a publisher and interview runner , since i consider myself a good communicator, and a people person as well as i have a decent experience with managing since i managed and founded a debate club in my community, also since i am passionate about business i have co-founded an affiliate marketing small business called Fempos additionally this summer i am attending a summer program in Italy called Enter international Esummer moreover i recently explored my interest in computer science and now i am learning base code languages, and finally fun fact about me i can speak 4 languages fluently French,Turkish, Arabic and English i would be really happy to be a part of this great club and i am willing to educate myself more in my role :) 

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