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The Crystal generation from the crystal perspective

Over the years, several generations have been created, such as millennials, centennials, the crystal generation and others.

But what does this crystal generation consist of?

This generation is characterized by the fragility of teenagers, by their almost zero desire to work, and the lack of respect for their parents, how sensitive they are to rejection and criticism, their low tolerance to frustration, how they cling to the material; the only thing that matters to them are social networks and how many followers they have. but why is this generation so superficial? There are many theories about it: Is it because of the parents? Is it because of the schools?

The pandemic made parents understand that there is an educational crisis, this is not new, this problem comes from decades ago, the pandemic opened parents' eyes, they think that giving all the material things to their children will fill the emotional part, but the truth is that the parents' job is to be there for them and teach them good principles and morals. The parents' generation was raised differently, generation Z, the parents' generation has a lot of conflicts with this new generation, so parents don't know how to deal with their children. But what they don't know is that parenting doesn't have to change, it has to evolve, it doesn't have to be so strict, it's good to have an open mind, but it's good to say NO.

Over the years, the world has created beauty standards and if people don’t fit them, they aren’t taken seriously and always want to fit those standards because they don’t want to be forgotten

But this generation has a positive side too, this teens sees the world in a different way , they are more creative, intuitive , and more caring about nature .

They have created too several organizations about the care of the environment , to help students in their scholar year so it can be more easy for them to get into universities . For some teens of this generation their future is very important like having a successful professional life

On this date, several crystal generation women want to break those standards by showing that social networks can be used for a good ending showing that it is okay to be different, showing too things that for almost all women is an insecurity its not bad if youre right with it and all women is unique , that material things do not matter as much, such as emotional and personal relationships.

They want to show other teens how to change the world and help it to evolve and other youth to have a good future.



                            SUSANA GARCIA


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